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The Guardians - Ready for Revival CD

Celebrating 30 years as a singing group, The Guardians have developed a great reputation with their legendary sound. Having sung as a trio for several years, the addition of powerhouse bass vocalist Pat Barker has proven a welcome surprise for their longtime fan base. Along with Barker, group owner Dean Hickman, Neil Uhrig and John Darin Rowsey are thrilled to bring the quartet sound back to their fans with their new album, “Ready For Revival.”


1. Ready for Revival
2. Uncommon Praise
3. God Fights on My Side
4. He Loves
5. Just Getting Started
6. When America Falls
7. Turn Around Look at Me
8. Name Above All Names
9. How Big is God Medley
10. What the Church is Doing Right
11. He's Blessing Me
12. You Can Depend on Jesus


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