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Booth Brothers Gospel Favorites LIVE - DVD

A collection of some of the trio’s most requested songs features such crowd-pleasers as “I’m Feeling Fine,” “Jesus Saves,” “Welcome to the Family,” “In the Sweet By and By,” “Down by the River,” “Because He Lives,” “He Saw It All (The Blind Man Song)” and more.


Featuring a special guest appearance by The Jim Brady Trio, the recording finds Ronnie Booth, Michael Booth and Paul Lancaster showcasing their familiar, close-knit harmonies with their signature stage enthusiasm.


“These are the songs, with the exception of some new selections, that have become part of people's lives and found a way into their hearts.  We have seen God use these songs to love on His people and give them hope,” stated group member Michael Booth. 


Song Listing:

1. In the Sweet By and By

2. Welcome to the Family

3. Masterpiece of Mercy

4. Sail On

5. On My Way Home

6. I'm Free

7. Feeling Fine

8. Touch of the Master's Hand

9. Still

10. He Saw It All (The Blind Man Song)

11. If God Didn't Care

12. Happy Rhythm

13. Down by the River

14. Stepping Out in Faith

15. I Must Tell Jesus

16. Wildflower

17. Jesus Saves

18. Because He Lives (Bonus)                                                   



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