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Tim Lovelace

New CD / DVD Combo “Living In A Coffee World

Recorded live at Lee University, “Living In A Coffee World” gives you a front row seat to Tim Lovelace’s comedy, musicianship, award-winning songwriting talent and his motivational speaking skills. This live DVD/CD combo on StowTown Records is packed with 11 new musical comedy songs/routines, including the title track which delivers a humorous look at our coffee addictions. Find out what happens when Tim drinks a “freight train espresso.”

The humorous “Black Belt to Black Eye/Anti Bullying Talk” has a serious underlying message from Tim who, as a youngster, was the victim of bullying. The audience might be laughing, but the message hits home.

You’ll also enjoy “What Happened to Tomatoes,” “Some Assembly Required” and the lively “Mercurochrome” tells about how the burning medicine used to be a cure-all for youngsters.

DVD Track Listing

1. “Monologue”

2. “Living in a Coffee World”

3. “Gymnastics”

4. “Goodbye Blues”

5. “Black Belt to Black Eye/Anti-Bullying Talk”

6. “Tim’s Journey of Piano Styles”

7. “Composer of My Life”

8. “Choose Happy”

CD Track Listing

1. “Monologue (Spoken Word)”

2. “Living in a Coffee World (Live Version)”

3. “Mercurochrome”

4. “Black Belt to Black Eye/Anti-Bullying Talk (Spoken Word)”

5. “Goodbye Blues”

6. “What Happened to Tomatoes”

7. “Choose Happy”

8. “Some Assembly Required”

9. “Living in a Coffee World (Studio Version)”

10. “Introduction to Composer of My Life”

11. “Composer of My Life”


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