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Jody McBrayer rejoins Avalon for select dates

Posted on August 29, 2018

From its inception, the goal of Cana’s Voice was to create a message of unity in Christ for the masses. It is our ambition, whether individually or collectively, to reach the world with the gospel. With that goal in mind, it is with joy and honor that our Cana’s Voice family shares with you that Jody McBrayer has agreed to reunite with Avalon for a recorded album and select tour dates, as his schedule allows, in addition to continuing his solo ministry and his vital role within Cana’s Voice.


“I would not be back, doing ministry full time if it weren’t for the kindness of Landon Beene and everyone at Stowtown Records. Cana’s Voice and Stowtown will remain my top priority and I’m excited to get into the studio this fall and begin recording our sophomore project that will release early, 2019.” – Jody McBrayer


“Don’t think I won’t be on the front row of every Avalon concert I can possibly attend to cheer on my best friend Jody McBrayer. I know every lyric, every part and I’m prepared to jump up on stage should any catastrophe arise. Go get them Jody!” – TaRanda Greene


“I have always loved Avalon’s music! I’m excited for Jody and think it’s cool that he has an opportunity to reunite with them. As a fan, I can’t wait to hear it. As a friend, I couldn’t be more thrilled!” – Doug Anderson



Landon Beene, founder of Cana’s Voice and CEO of StowTown Records, shares “The members of Cana’s Voice are encouraged to walk through any doors which afford an opportunity to carry the gospel to a broader platform. Like the branches of a tree, we want the ministry of Cana’s Voice to grow in many different directions. With Jody’s reintroduction to Avalon, his fans will have the privilege of seeing what God has been doing in his life and ministry the last several years.” 

Cana’s Voice is not the sum of three individuals, it is the message of Jesus’ love and a voice for the broken. We are thrilled for any opportunity that shouts Jesus to the multitudes!